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4 Wedding Signs That are Uniquely You

November 2, 2022

You might not think a wedding seating chart can have a big impact on your wedding design, but we have to respectfully disagree! We’ve created a lot of custom seating charts for couples, and each one has their own unique flair that represents the couple’s relationship and love story.

We wanted to share a few wedding seating chart ideas based on who you are as a couple! Afterall, your wedding should be a reflection of you.

For the Couple that Enjoys Nature

Whether you got engaged in a tree-lined park or you spend your weekends camping, we have tons of wedding seating chart ideas for nature lovers. The most on-the-nose way to incorporate nature is through florals and greenery. This can mean actual flowers or through a printed floral design on your seating chart.

For the nature-lovers, pops of green, earthy tones, and simple fonts can give your wedding the aesthetic of being one with nature.

Photo Credit: Two Pair Photography

For the Musically-Inclined Couple

Whether music brings you together or represents an important part of your life, bringing your musical talents to your wedding is a fun way to honor your love story. You can take this really big, with loud colors and bold fonts – especially if rock and roll is your jam. But you can also keep it timeless and classic looking.

For instance, one of our couples wanted to incorporate drumming into their signage. Their wedding seating chart contained small drum sticks with each guest’s name attached. There was also a drum nearby, if guests wanted to test out their new drumsticks. Seriously, how cute!

Photo Credit: The Crakes

For the Couple Who Loves to Have Fun

No matter what you consider fun in your relationship, we promise there is a wedding seating chart out there that can bring it to life.

Maybe you enjoy a night on the town, bar hopping in Austin. Then you can serve a cocktail with guests’ names and table number attached. If you would rather drink margaritas and try out every taco on the menu, go for a bold Fiesta themed seating chart with colorful florals. Or maybe you just love being young and free together – you can utilize a swing set as one of our couple’s did.

Photo Credit: Sarah Tribett Photography

For the Couple Who Loves Movie Nights

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a cozy night in, remote in hand. You can even reflect the cozy, comfortable elements of home in your wedding seat chart design.

For instance, you can tie tassels or soft ribbons to the escort cards – an homage to your comfortable pillows and soft blankets. You can even take your favorite movie or TV show quote and display it on your seating chart. You may opt for soft, warm colors and candles to give your venue that glowing, relaxed feel.

Photo Credit: The Menarys

If you want a custom wedding seating chart that reflects your love story, LBV Design House works with couples in the Austin area. Each of our custom wedding signs is personalized to your relationship and wedding design. Our signage options include welcome signs, seating charts, ceremony programs, table numbers, place cards, and more.

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