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6 Must-Have Custom Signs for Your Wedding

November 2, 2022

Your wedding is a representation of your marriage and your love story. It makes sense that you’d want your wedding to be memorable and uniquely you. Custom signs at your wedding are one way to take your details to the next level while also incorporating distinctive aspects of you as a couple.

When we meet with clients in Austin, Texas to talk about custom signs for their wedding, we get excited to share all of the options available. You may get swept up in the excitement and want to choose them all (and if you have the budget – why not?!), but really, you don’t need all these signs to have a stunning and stylish wedding.

Here are the signs we recommend when asked, “What wedding signs do I need?”

Welcome Signs

This is usually the first sign people see at your wedding, and it can set the tone for your entire wedding day. When it comes to your custom welcome sign, think about your wedding venue and your purpose for the sign. If you’re having a large outdoor wedding, a tall, bold sign can help direct guests and even serve as a photo moment. There are several materials you can choose from, such as acrylic, wood, mirror, fabric, and more so you can make a statement – while also keeping the vision of your wedding.

Photo Credit: The Crakes

Seating Charts

If you have to choose one custom sign for your wedding, you don’t want to miss out on this one, especially with a wedding of over 30 people. Seating charts are not only essential for your guests (to avoid playing musical chairs all night), but the unique variations and details that you can add also make it a stunning addition to your wedding design.

Photo Credit: The Menarys

Table Numbers

Table numbers serve a practical purpose (helping guests find their seat), but don’t be fooled – you can still have fun with this custom sign! Table numbers can bring together the design elements of your table setting, such as flowers and candles, for a seamless look. It can also be a small way to bring in elements of your relationship, like photos of you together.

Photo Credit: Paige Vaughn Photo

Dinner Menus

These aren’t a necessary part of your wedding, but it’s another way to tie together your wedding aesthetic. Most likely, your guests placed their dinner order months in advance. Help them remember the tasty items to come with a dinner menu, especially if you are offering a plated meal service. These menus can be simple with printed designs, but can also be adorned with wax stamps, ribbons, and more for an added touch of detail.

Photo Credit: Brittany Jean Photo

Place Cards

While seating charts and table numbers help guests find their general table, place cards show them exactly where to sit. This custom wedding sign is optional if you aren’t serving a plated meal, but it’s the best way to ensure VIPs and special guests are seated close to you during the reception. You can keep these simple with a tent design, or get creative with coasters or wedding favors.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Sigety Photography

Bar Menus

We have seen couples do really fun things with these menus. It’s an effortless way to include parts of your personality and new marriage. You can create a sign showing off your favorite drinks or name custom drinks after your pets! We love adding illustrations to give guests a taste of what they can order – and they turn out adorable every time!

Photo Credit: Lauren Cate Photography

Looking for custom signs for your wedding in Austin?

If you are loving these wedding signs, then LBV Design House can help bring your dream wedding to life! We offer custom wedding signage that is fully customized to you individually as a couple.

We design custom welcome signs, seating charts, table numbers, place cards, and more. All of the images in the blog are examples of LBV Design House’s work. Let’s team up together, and make your dream wedding a reality.

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