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How to Design Your Perfect Wedding

November 2, 2022

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When you dream of your wedding, you probably envision certain colors or flowers, or you might think of a certain location or culture. This is the start of the wedding design process – and probably the most common part of wedding planning most couples dream about! When we work on wedding design with Austin couples, we help them curate a cohesive wedding, where every detail works together to tell a unique story.

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What to Consider in Wedding Design

#1 Inspiration

When working on your wedding design, inspiration is a great place to start. It’s time to pull up your Pinterest board or turn to Google for photos of a location, season, or detail that is unique to your relationship. Having pictures of whatever is inspiring you will be helpful because you can pull colors, details, and more from it.

#2 Color Palette

When you are thinking of a color palette, take into consideration any inspiration you are drawing from. For example, if you are dreaming of a Hill Country wedding, your color palette might consist of wood tones, shades of green, or even deep reds. Your color palette can compliment the location or invoke a mood.

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#3 Keywords

Next, you want to consider keywords in your wedding design. These are typically adjectives or feelings you want your wedding design to permeate. For instance, you may want a timeless and classic wedding. Knowing your wedding descriptors gives you a guide for planning (does this chair scream “classic”?) and helps you create a well-rounded wedding design.

#4 Flowers

Lastly, consider flowers. Knowing what flowers you want before investing in decor will be helpful for several practical reasons, like budget, but also for ensuring that the decor you choose works with your floral preferences.

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Ways to Bring Your Wedding Design to Life

Now that you’ve had all the fun creating your wedding design board, you can begin searching for details and decor that will bring your vision to life. Here are a few elements to consider.

#1 Signature Elements

Want a wedding that truly stands out from the rest? Incorporate signature elements into your design. This might be a signature print found on table napkins and signage. Or illustrations of your pets on your bar menu. How cute is that?! These small details create an unrepeatable wedding design. When you work with LBV Design House, we can help you curate these signature elements.

#2 Custom Signage

We wrote another blog about the 6 Must-Have Custom Wedding Signs you need, so you can dig into all the signage types there. You can go big and bold, with calligraphy and loud colors. Or you can opt for a fabric sign with simple gold lettering. Whichever option you choose, tie it in with your overall wedding design look.

If you are in the Austin area, LBV Design House does offer custom wedding sign services. You can view the details here.

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#3 Venue

Your venue is a big decision that brings together your design and creates a cohesive wedding. For instance, a warm and rustic wedding might find itself in an elegant barn with twinkling lights.  A fun and vibrant wedding may be hosted in a chic boutique hotel with neon signage. Bring your vision to life with your venue.

#4 Decor

This is a wide category that can include table settings, vases, lighting, furniture accents, arches, and more, but often helps the entire design come together. To create a cohesive look, make sure that your vendors are aware of your wedding design. We work with our client’s vendors to ensure that every element matches the vision they have for their wedding.

Photo Credit: Paige Vaughn Photo

#5 Entertaining and Dining

Of course, you can’t forget the food, drinks, and entertainment. Your Fiesta themed wedding can kick off cocktail hour with salt-rimmed margaritas. Your autumn inspired wedding might feature a pie dessert bar with seasonal favorites, like pumpkin and pecan. Nothing like a full plate that also fits perfectly with your wedding design!

Looking for a wedding designer in Austin?

LBV Design House offers wedding design services to help you create an intentional, cohesive wedding that brings to life the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll create personalized design concepts for your wedding, including a design board, color palette, keywords, and wedding day details (such as florals and venue recommendations) to help you feel confident we’re headed in the right direction!

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